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Back-end masters needed

Ready to join an extraordinary team to deliver even more extraordinary digital solutions written in GO?

What will you get into? What have we developed so far?

Although we spend a lot of our time developing hardware and software for self-service kiosk terminals, here's a "short" list of the diverse areas we've covered.

  • We developed the payment machine, the associated cloud management system and the mobile app for the largest self-service laundry in Hungary. (Yes, we designed the hardware too.) This is one of our coolest projects.

  • We developed the pay station, control electronics, cloud site and associated mobile app for parcel lockers.

  • We created a real-time logistics app that tracks deliveries on mobile and gives instructions to drivers.

  • We developed a mobile banking CRM system that allows you to open a bank account without having to go to a local branch, the first in the country.

  • We created an interactive voting mobile app for TV shows. We connected tens of thousands of mobile phones in real time to a live TV show. The app is unique in our country.

  • We developed a mobile application for Bluetooth-based medical devices.

  • Curious about the journey you've taken in your sailboat? Would you watch it all on your Apple Watch strapped to your wrist? No problem. We've got you covered. We have a sailboat tracking mobile app up our sleeve.

  • We've developed a gateway system for trading equities, allowing clients of Hungarian brokerage firms to trade US stocks and currencies.

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