Our clients

Prior to specializing in self-service terminals, we’ve worked with more than 20 companies (such as Groupe Mutuel, SDC, and Jet Aviation). With a current range of consumer, media and business clients, our interdisciplinary team has the flexibility to make a positive impact on your product at every stage of of its life-cycle.

Startups and innovative companies

Startups and innovative companies are our passion. We are your design and development partner, and your software accelerator. Our team in Budapest will work with you – quickly and cost-efficiently – to build beautiful, incredible and mobile applications. We got into this business because we love innovation, high-end technologies and new ideas. Although it's hard for us to resist a new and interesting project, we only work on ideas we believe in.

Big brands and established chains

Big brands and established chains hire us to become their partner. Our understanding of the latest software engineering workflows and their application to self-service terminals enables us to bring a level of expertise to your company like no one else. We know how to build software for your existing hardware that can be scaled to your business needs – however great those needs might be.


A great product idea might well be the only thing required for you to start working with us. You have one already? Get in touch with us and let's bring that great idea to life!

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