Airspace lockers

Airspace aims to create a travel experience that is enjoyable from start to finish. Conveniently located in the heart of Budapest, Airspace self-service lockers are fully automated and completely secure, leaving you free and at ease to enjoy every moment of your visit.

  •  Self-service kiosk
  •  Mobile application

About the project

Our client envisioned the future of secure luggage storage with an exclusive lounge experience. Konstruktor was approached to discuss the possibility of automating a visionary luggage storage system that runs completely unmanned and autonomously. Utilizing our deep knowledge of hardware and software engineering practices, we designed and built a self-service system to bring Airspace’s locker-storage experience to a level that we think is very probably the best in the world. The Airspace digital experience is unrivaled – and this is just the beginning!

Project highlights

  • Designed and manufactured a kiosk that fits the beautiful interior design of the Airspace
  • Optimized on-premise user experience that is beautifully designed and engineered
  • Custom-built, secured electronics to drive the locker mechanics
  • Designed and developed Airspace’s self-service mobile application
  • Industry-standard security, and an isolated and protected environment
  • Remote system management with OS upgrades
  • Cloud-connected administration


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