Bubbles self-service laundry

Bubbles is Hungary's largest and most innovative self-service laundry network. With their large-capacity machines, washing and drying several bags of clothes or other large loads has never been so easy! And all in one hour!

  •  Self-service kiosk
  •  Mobile application

About the project

Konstruktor took on the the task of automating the Bubbles laundry shops. Our self-service system for the franchise is completely autonomous and can run 24/7 without any human operator.

We designed and built special “wall-embedded” kiosks to fulfill the company’s needs. The kiosks are installed in such a way as to withstand the challenging air conditions of the machine room, in which multiple washers and dryers and operating. Vandal-proof components and a reinforced steel chassis with multiple hooks for the alarm protect the cash repository.

We also built the Bubbles mobile application, which gives users the capability to reserve washing machines and dryers – even during peak hours. Our underlying cloud-based technology makes the whole thing tick by integrating all of the IoT components of a laundry shop into a single system.

Project highlights

  • Reinforced kiosk chassis design and manufacturing
  • Vandal-proof credit card acceptance and coin-handling mechanism
  • Kiosk user-experience design and software engineering
  • Self-service mobile application design and development
  • Industry-standard security, and an isolated and protected environment
  • Big-data analytics with anomaly detection
  • Remote management with OS upgrades
  • Interfacing with washing and drying machines
  • Cloud-connected, but works offline as well


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