We have seven reasons why it rocks to work with us.


Transparent workflow

Our clients never wonder, what we are doing. Every step of our development workflow is transparent. With the help of Asana, a simple and easy to learn project management tool, you can track on a hour-by-hour basis which feature we are working on and when will it be delivered. You can even join us for a few days in our Budapest office, to see how we craft your project.


Cost Effective

Most of our costs occur in Hungary, but our income is from Switzerland, so we can afford assigning the brightest minds on your project. We devote extra attention to the finest details while staying below the Swiss development rates.


Direct Communication

We always strive to put the right people with the right skills on the right projects. Our clients works directly with our team members, so if you have a question that relates to the design you will speak to the designer that worked on it. It’s fun and effective as it should be.


Users First

We build the kind of apps that people move to their home screen. We know what users want and we know how to build apps that matter to them. Our renowned UX & design specialists work alongside our talented software engineers. We create intuitiveand engaging designs that catch users attention.


Full-Service Development

The Konstruktor team’s diverse skill set allows us to expertly tailor our services to match your exact needs. From full-service engagements to a la carte services, we help our clients launch the best apps & websites possible. The way we build them has been revised numerous time over the past 7 years - we've experimented, explored new approaches and worked on making the whole process better from A to Z.


Lean Mindset

Improve to bring more value to our clients is one of our key work principles. Inception, Build-Measure-Learn approach, agile project management, and other processes and approaches are all aimed at building better products, building them efficiently and spending optimal amount of resources.


Cutting-edge Technology

Throught our internal trainings, we’re constantly staying on the edge of the new technology - taking the best, changing, adapting to what fits us best. We never stop at just "good enough", but always strive for “great” — and then some more.


Product idea might well be the only thing required to start working with us. You have one already? Get in touch with us and let's bring it to life together!

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