We rock in six ways. Do you?


Full-service development

Our team’s diverse skill set allows us to tailor our services with expertise to match your exact needs. From choosing the right kiosk chassis, peripheral devices and driver development to high-level UX patterns and support maintenance, we help our clients to launch the best self-service experience possible. We explore and experiment with our building process from A to Z, making revisions as we see fit and necessary along the way.


Extensive hardware knowledge

We are not ordinary product developers. We actually, physically, craft our products. We have working experience with many types of peripheral devices, from printers and barcode scanners to credit-card and coin-handling mechanisms. We know how to integrate old, disparate systems into new, stable technologies.


Cutting-edge technology

The technologies involved in self-service systems are quite astounding, but even those who are familiar with the internals of this type of technology will be amazed to see how we are applying the latest software-engineering to kiosks. We won’t give you outdated Windows XPs, slow user interfaces, or hard-to-update software – just the latest, security-hardened Linux OS with an easily deployable software stack.

By following the latest software engineering practices, and by conducting thorough internal trainings, we remain constantly on the edge of new technologies – scrapping the worst, taking from the best, adapting everything to fit our processes. Being “good enough” is not enough for us. We strive to be “the best”, if not even better than that.


Lean mindset

One of our key work principles is to improve constantly, which brings more value to our clients. This includes understanding the project from its inception, as well as applying a Build-Measure-Learn approach, agile project management, and other processes and approaches that are all aimed at building better products, building them efficiently and expending an optimal amount of resources.


Customers first

We know what customers want from a self-service kiosk, and we know how to build software that matters to them. Our renowned UX and design specialists work in tandem with our group of talented software engineers. We create intuitive and engaging designs that are sure to catch the user’s attention.


Transparent workflow

Every step of our development workflow is transparent. With the help of our easy-to-learn project-management tool, you can track what our team is working on, and on an day-by-day basis. You can even join us for a few days in our Budapest office to see how your project is being crafted.


A great product idea might well be the only thing required for you to start working with us. You have one already? Get in touch with us and let's bring that great idea to life!

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