Blockchain Contract Management

The Future of Contract Signing: Konstruktor and Everprove Deliver the Solution

Are you tired of the hassle of signing and securing your legal documents? Konstruktor teamed up with Everprove to revolutionize digital contract signing with our cutting-edge application. Say goodbye to traditional paperwork and hello to safe, secure, and accessible contract signing!

As the world moves towards a paperless future, it's essential to have secure and reliable tools to keep our personal and professional documents safe. This was the challenge that our client, Everprove faced when they approached us with.

About the client

Everprove is a leading blockchain-based technology company that offers secure, tamper-proof digital contract signing.

Their innovative solutions have transformed the way we manage legal documents, making it easy and accessible for everyone.


  • Developing a user-friendly interface for efficient contract creation and storage.

  • Ensuring data security and privacy of sensitive user information.

  • Integrating blockchain technology into the mobile application.

  • Enabling seamless communication and collaboration between contract parties.


We collaborated with Everprove to craft a blockchain-based solution that allowed for tamper-proof digital contract creation and management. Our team developed an intuitive frontend mobile application for efficient and secure contract signing.

We integrated blockchain technology to ensure the security and privacy of user data and enable reliable contract storage. Our solution featured an intuitive interface for contract creation, with a wide variety of pre-built templates to meet various legal requirements.


Our solution enabled users to quickly and easily create legally binding digital contracts. We provided secure, efficient, and accessible contract management, with real-time tracking and notifications.

Our solution eliminated the hassle of traditional paperwork, providing an unparalleled level of convenience for users.


With our mobile app frontend, Everprove was able to offer secure and efficient digital contract signing. Trust Konstruktor's expertise for all your software development needs. Contact us today.