GreenFridge: Innovative Food Waste Solution

Unleashing the power of technology: How Konstruktor developed a recipe generator to reduce food waste

Tired of wasting food? Meet GreenFridge, the ultimate kitchen assistant that helps you create delicious meals with ingredients you already have!

Read how we at Konstruktor helped our client revolutionize food waste management with a user-friendly app that generates customized recipes, eliminates cluttered fridges, and supports sustainability.


  • Developing user-friendly interface with intuitive design

  • Creating an algorithm that could generate personalized recipes

  • Achieving a balance between functionality and simplicity


We took on the challenge by developing an algorithm that could generate recipes based on a user's ingredients. With a custom database and intelligent search and generation system, we created a unique recipe generator. We conducted extensive user testing and feedback, leading to the development of a user-friendly interface that simplified the process for the end-users.

To ensure compatibility across all devices, we utilized modern technologies and frameworks in the development process. Our team of developers and designers worked collaboratively, creating a responsive design that adapted to multiple platforms.

With extensive quality control testing, we achieved a perfect balance between functionality and simplicity, resulting in a seamless and enjoyable user experience.


Within 3 months of launching, GreenFridge had over 2,000 downloads and reduced food waste for hundreds of households, supporting sustainability. The app generated over 6,000 unique recipes, leading to a 22% reduction in food waste and increased satisfaction for our client's customers.