This is how we digitalized the food ordering processes of the Vapiano restaurant

Go, TypeScript, React, React Native, Docker, AWS, IoT

About the client

The Vapiano restaurant chain is a specialist in authentic Italian cuisine, with an outstanding quality of food and atmosphere in the Hungarian and international market.


In line with Western trends, the chain wanted to offer its guests an outstanding dining experience by digitalising its restaurants.

Our client required a partial digitalization of their restaurant chain. Their objective was to minimise the queuing time of their customers, thus improving the customer experience.


We have used our experience in self-service systems to create two solutions that have since been successfully implemented in every Vapiano restaurant:

  • We developed and installed self-service kiosks.

  • We designed and developed web and mobile applications.

Based on user feedback, ordering on digital devices is a whole new, superior restaurant experience, where convenience and speed are the key factors.

Key points of the self-service kiosk

  • Digital menu illustrated with beautiful pictures

  • Pay with card (credit card, apple pay)

  • User behaviour analytics

  • Increase the value of your shopping cart with upselling options

  • Touch-driven meal assembly

Key points of the web-and mobile application

  • Order food without queuing. By scanning a QR code, you can order your food in the comfort of your table.

  • Pay by credit card, with Apple pay and Google pay integration. Payment is quick and easy with just a few clicks.

  • The food is delivered to your table by the restaurant staff.

  • Possibility to create a profile.

  • Secure storage of credit card details.

  • Re-order previous orders.

  • Personalised offers.

  • Both the kiosk and the app have complex analytics software that allows the restaurant to assess the habits of its customers.