What we do

We collaborate closely with our clients to help them build fantastic on-site digital experiences and mobile applications.

Kiosk front-end

Konstruktor’s software engineers adhere to rigid stability and safety standards across large-scale projects. Our engineers write modular, reusable code for high-level business logic and for low-level device-handling as well. We provide fast development cycles with integrated tests and Docker-based automatic deployments. A/B testing for profit maximization has never been easier. AI-based facial recognition? Consider it done.

Cloud back-end

Our custom back-end stack provides administrative, analytical and configuration-related features. All communications are encrypted using the latest standards, and we develop in Go for reliable, high-loaded real-time systems. For persistent data storage we use PostgreSQL and ElasticSearch. For caching purposes we prefer Redis. We also have extensive experience with both types of hosting infrastructure (i.e. classical hardware and modern cloud-based hosting on AWS). In each particular case, developers design a specific technological stack to sustain the needs of the system, as well as to make it stable, fast and scalable.

Mobile applications

Modern, cloud-based self-service systems are nothing without a great mobile application to heighten the user experience, and our mobile-related projects are always at the cutting edge of technology trends. We're actively using React Native along with the Objective-C extension and Java code. Our unified APIs and “mobile first” approach to application design is our “secret sauce” behind the flawless look and feel of our apps, both on Android and on iOS.

Hardware integration

Today it's hard to imagine the development of a self-service kiosk without touching low-level devices. We have worked with basically all protocols from CCTalk to MDB, and have dealt with pretty much all kinds of peripherals, such as coin- and credit card-handling mechanisms, thermal printers, barcode readers, cameras etc. All low-level code is written in Go, and heavily tested with automated tools for safety and robustness. While we source our kiosk chassis with all the peripheral devices built in, we have a wide network of contractors to assist in procuring the highest-quality hardware. If you wish to provide the hardware yourself, we’re prepared to work with pretty much everything.


A great product idea might well be the only thing required for you to start working with us. You have one already? Get in touch with us and let's bring that great idea to life!

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