What we do

We collaborate with our clients to help them build great products for web & mobile.


We’re always on the edge of the technology trends in our mobile projects. We make active use of React Native with the extension of Swift, Objective-C and Java code. Our unified user experience and “mobile first” approach in application design is our “secret sauce” for the apps’ flawless look and feel both on Android and on iOS.


Front-end programmers at Konstruktor follow the de facto principles of React/Redux framework standards across large-scale projects. Our experts write truly modular, reusable code and collaborate effectively with the team.


The entry point of the backend is the load balancer, which is proxying requests to a combination of Nginx and Go servers. Whether it is a standard web application or high loaded real-time system we use Go as a core technology. For persistent data storage we use PostgreSQL or Elastic, if it makes more sense. As a key-value storage we prefer Redis. We also have extensive experience with both types of infrastructures, the classical hardware and the modern cloud based on AWS. In each particular case developers design a specific technological stack to sustain the needs of the application, as well as to make it stable, fast, and scalable.


Today it's hard to imagine web products not being linked to popular services. Our developers have implemented a bunch of different integrations, e.g. IoT hardwares, social networks, payment systems, SAP and stock market interfaces, geo services, e-mail marketing systems, business tools, etc. We can also build our own APIs that can be used by third party applications.


A great product idea might well be the only thing required for you to start working with us. You have one already? Get in touch with us and let's bring that great idea to life!